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Welcome to Karl's calculation program, solitaire online. Unlike most games of solitaire, this one entails considerable strategy. In other words, it is more skill than luck. I assume you are familiar with the rules for Calculation. If not, you can find them in a book of solitaire games or via Google, or you can view this page for the rules and some tips on how to win.

This game is copyright © Karl Dahlke, 2017. I am particularly interested in turning this online game into an app for smart phones etc, hopefully for profit, but that is not in my wheelhouse. Please let me know if you can collaborate.

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The standard version uses 4 stacks, but I can win most of the time with 3. Such a win is worth 4 points rather than 1, being 4 times as difficult. Restrict yourself to 3 stacks if you can, or 2 stacks for 64 points. (I can do that every hundred games or so.)

The basic version uses seed cards of ace 2 3 4; a more advanced player may wish to draw 4 seed cards at random. They will be distinct, and not kings of course. When you start each game you will have the choice: ace 2 3 4 or random.

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